Submit the completed application with the following enclosures in the office of Drug Licensing Authority of your district within 15 days of online registration:

  1. Duly filled Form 19/19A/19AA/19C (Take out print out put signature)
  2. Original Treasury challan after depositing the requisite fees
  3. Photo Identity proof of proprietor(For proprietorship firm) (Aadhar card, voter I.D., Driving Licence, Bank Pass book,ration card)
  4. Copy of partnership deed (Only for Partnership firm)
  5. Original affidavit of partner responsible for day to day business (Only for partnership firm)
  6. Photo identity proof of partner/partners responsible for day to day business (Only for partnership firm)
  7. Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company(Only for Pvt Ltd/Limited Company)
  8. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation(Only for Pvt Ltd/Limited Company)
  9. Copy of resolution of Board of Directors regarding authorisation of applicant for licence and for person responsible for day to day business from the premises for licence is being applied(Only for Pvt Ltd/Limited Company)
  10. Copy of appointment letter of applicant and person responsible for day to day business(Only for Pvt Ltd/Limited Company)
  11. Documents related to Registered Pharmacist :
    1. Copy of Diploma Pharmacy
    2. Copy of Registration Certificate from Pharmacy Council of Uttar Pradesh
    3. Copy of renewal of Registration.
    4. Copy of Appointment and Joining Letter
    5. 2 passport size photographs per applied licence
    6. Original affidavit of Pharmacist(click for proforma of affidavit)
  12. Documents related to Competent Person (For wholesale licences)
    1. Copy of Educational qualification certificate(s) including High School Certificate
    2. If the competent person is a registered pharmacist then all the documents as enlisted at S.No. 11 above
    3. 2 passport size photographs per applied licence
    4. Original certificate of experience in dealing of drugs from authorised persons
    5. Original affidavit of Competent Person(click for proforma of affidavit)

    Note: The experience of one year or more is mandatory for persons who are graduates
             The experience of minimum four years is mandatory for persons who are High School or Intermediate
  13. Plan of Premises of premises for which licence is being applied (Blue print or Computer Print showing actual dimensions in meters)
    Note: A minimum area of 10 square meters is required if the applied licence is for wholesale of drugs or retail sale of drugs. If the applicant applies for both wholesale as well as retail licences on the same premises then a minimum area of 15 square meters is mandatory
  14. Documentary proof of ownership of premises/rental basis of premises. If premises is rented the rental agreement must be on appropriate value stamp paper as per Indian Stamps Act
  15. Proof of electricity availability in the premises
  16. Proof of availability of special storage conditions (cold storage/refrigerator)
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